December 1, 2016 cookies, Food, Italian

Pizzelle- lots of little pizzas

Ever since I was a kid an aunt, a grandmother or a distant relative made a mound of pizzelle.  The round, flat sweet Christmas cookie reminiscent of the communion host used in the Catholic Mass.

Unbeknownst to me, pizzelle are from the region of the aforementioned relatives. My grandmother is from Cugnoli, Abruzzo near the town credited as the town of origin for pizzelle, Ortona.

Pizzelle are simple.  They are a combination of flour, sugar, eggs and oil which is mixed to a liquid smoothness that falls easily on a pizzelle iron.  The heated iron, similar to a waffle iron, presses the batter and produces a flat, crispy cookie.  Traditionally, lemon, anise or vanilla flavoring is used but in recent years I’ve seen chocolate, coffee, orange, hazelnut flavors added with a host of topping and fillings. Since the batter is similar to ice cream cone batter, I’ve even seen curled pizzelle molded into a cone and stuffed with whipped cream or cannoli-ricotta cream.

The word is clearly related to pizza and indeed means ‘little pizza’.  the LL indicates ‘small’ and the E indicates a plural -so lots of little pizzas.

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