Libby : The Heartbroken Bride

Libby : The Heartbroken Bride


(Please note that this is the sweet version of His Heartbroken Bride) Libby Chance Sims was orphaned, along with her siblings, at an early age, traveled west on the Oregon Trail, and thought she had her fairytale ending when she met and married a good man at trail's end. But ten years later, when her husband is killed in a logging accident, her life takes a horrific turn at the hands of unscrupulous "family friend," Hector. Fearing for herself and the lives of her two boys, she flees Oregon for Haskell, Wyoming and her family. But has she run far enough to escape her past? Mason Montrose has never forgotten Libby, the beautiful, young bride he fell in love with before realizing she was married ten years ago in Oregon. When she steps down from the train in Haskell, dressed in widow's black with fear in her eyes, all of the affection and longing for her that he thought he put behind him returns. He will stop at nothing to protect Libby from the demons chasing her, both real and emotional, even marrying her to keep her safe. Some demons are more sinister than others, though. When Hector arrives in Haskell, it takes more than the power of Mason's love and devotion to Libby to defeat him, it takes an entire community. PLEASE BE ADVISED: Steam Level = Sweet/Clean If you would like to read this story with "scenes," check out His Heartbroken Bride

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