The School of Global Recovery : An academy to teach the management of a Dark Decade

The School of Global Recovery : An academy to teach the management of a Dark Decade


The SOGR was set up to teach how to successfully negotiate a dark decade and manage the transition through to the Digital Age.

The principal of the School, William Houston, explains why the efforts of politicians to balance their books are unlikely to succeed while keeping the present superstructure of the state which has grown at the expense of rising debt. With the world suffering some of the greatest natural and man-made imbalances ever, the result is a watershed in global affairs that has not been present for centuries. These events are driving many people in the Western World into a sense of despair that is endangering their jobs, homes, savings and pensions.

However, through the manageable darkness will emerge the Digital Age when every person will have the possibility of having the dignity of making their own contribution.

The aim of SOGR is to explain how we can get out of the mess and advance into the uplands of the Digital Age. It provides a guide for all those in any sort of authority, setting out courses of action in the hope that a dark age in human affairs may be passed through with the minimum of human suffering.

"William Houston is a master at seeing the relevance of the lessons of history to the present day problems. His previous books have been full of predictions of developments that have now become reality. He is now able to set out a teaching course to help the world pull out of the problems it has gotten into. This instruction will be of interest to all who hope to survive the bear market." Robin Griffiths, Chief Strategist of the ECU Group and former chairman of the International Society of Technical Analysts

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