Great Coaches in Philadelphia Eagles Football : Begins with Lud Wray, First Eagles Coach and Goes to the Doug Pederson Era.

Great Coaches in Philadelphia Eagles Football : Begins with Lud Wray, First Eagles Coach and Goes to the Doug Pederson Era.


Begins with Lud Wray, first Eagles coach and goes to the Doug Pederson era.This book is written for those of us who love Philadelphia Eagles Football. Those who hate the Eagles will also want this book, so they can try to get a leg up on the facts about coaches missing from the bookshelves of those Eagles fans who do not have this book.The book first tells the story about the Eagles as a new team in 1933, but there are a lot of other old-time stories told such as the time the Eagles and Pittsburgh swapped teams and when the Steagles, a combined team of Eagles and Steelers competed in the NFL as a single unit.It seems like pro football has always been here but for those pros, players and coaches, trying to create a league out of nothing, there would have been nothing without their great work. And of course, this great book about the Eagles eventually gets a deep look at the great and soon-to-be-immortal-Eagles' coaches including #2, Dick Vermeil, #3 Andy Reid, #4 Buddy Ryan, #3 Greasy Neale, #6, Buck Shaw, and all the way to the current potential immortal with lots of years left, #1 Doug Pederson, who tops the list of many pundits in just his second year at the helm.This book captures the great moments in Eagles Football even before the Eagles were the Eagles and when for one season during the war they were the Steagles. This Eagles-first book takes the reader through stories about the Eagles 22 coaches to great stories about the 85 seasons worth of great games (1231 games) with 590 great wins. When reviewing the record of particular coaches, the book often stops in time and talks about a particular great player such as Norm Van Brocklin, Tommy McDonald Wilbur Montgomery, Reggie White, Chuck Bednarik, Brian Dawkins, David Akers, and of course Carson Wentz, and Super Bowl MVP, Nick Foles. These stops will add substantially to your reading enjoyment. I dare you to pick up this book for, if you are an Eagles fan, you will never put it down again. You cannot ever get enough of Eagles' greatness, but we do provide as many stories together in one spot as we can in this can't miss book.

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