About The Language Chef

The Language Chef™ (“TLC”) is a social media and education company focused on foreign language learning using foreign foods, cooking, and travels as the backdrop. Typically people that travel are interested in food- and that is a primary way to connect with the culture. Our goal is “situational fluency” when you are eating your way through Paris you don’t care where the library is- you want to know how to order a glass of wine and that dish you saw on the other table. We’re the fun language learning company that helps you have a great vacation with great food experiences. Our methodology is about immersion not drills; using real conversational examples and lots of video so that you learn as a child would by hearing and seeing people speak. It’s also about focusing on food- a subject of great interest that you want to actually use in your travels, and at home.


About Robert Auidi

Bob Aiudi

Known as a Language Junkie to his friends and family, Robert has studied foreign languages all of his life. He is fluent in many, conversational in others, and can fake it through another large amount of some of the most exotic languages in the world. He has taught and tutored many happy students, and annoyed many people over the years by asking “how do you say that?”.

From his youth surrounded by speakers of three different dialects of Italian, to university in France and Germany and extensive work in Asia, China, Taiwan, and Japan, Robert has picked up languages and breathed in the cuisines of many countries. Translating from 27 languages into English, Robert is a repository of anecdotal and factual information about languages of all sorts which adds flavor and depth to The Language Chef.

An expert amateur cook, Robert has worked in Paris in a small bistro, made pizzas in Florence, wrangled recipes out of the hands of German grandmothers in the Black Forest, worked in a Chinese restaurant, and had ad hoc cooking lessons in restaurants in China, Taiwan, and Japan.

Robert is available for speaking engagements, wine tastings, cooking&language demonstrations and classes, tours, and appearances.

About Laura Strassman

Laura has been a foodie since family dinners where the subject of conversation was what to have for the next dinner. She has a bit of formal training in French food, but is primarily self taught and leans mostly to French and Italian food. She is an avid baker.

She has travelled in France, Italy, and Africa and speaks a modest amount of French. Since Joining Robert, at The Language Chef this year, she will be learning Italian next.

Professionally, she has been in technology marketing since the 90's and was instrumental in the introduction of Dragon Naturally Speaking - speech recognition software- from Dragon Systems where she met Robert.

When not marketing or cooking she is riding her horse Fezzik and since she has no other decent photographs at the moment that's what's going on in the photo at right.

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