The Language Chef August 27, 2015 Africa, Blog, Featured Words

Word of the Day – Bunny Chow

Word of the Day  –  Bunny Chow Bunny Chow? Say what? NO it’s not food that Bugs Bunny would like, but a South African fast food dish. It’s a hollowed out loaf ...

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The Language Chef August 3, 2015 Africa, Blog, French

Réunion – The island in the news lately

When I was in France, I had a friend who I worked with who was from Ile de la Réunion.  A very very tiny island “near” Madagascar’s eastern shore.  Lately ...

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The Language Chef July 22, 2015 Africa, Blog

A Chocolate Chip Cookie in Africa?

Cinnamon from Bali and Scotch Bonnets from Jamaica, but chocolate chip cookies in Zanzibar? YES! Upon checking in at the Hilton DoubleTree resort in faraway, exotic Zanzibar, my ...

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