Robert Aiudi March 20, 2019 Blog, Italian

Strega Restaurant: A guy from Sannio and a guy from Nola in Branford to chase the American dream in the kitchen

Translation in English at the bottom!!! Strega Restaurant: un sannita ed un nolano a Branford per inseguire, in cucina, il sogno americano Di : Sergio Sbarra | 0 ...

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The Language Chef December 7, 2015 Blog, Recipes

Latkes (Potato Pancakes)

Potato pancakes (latkes)   5 lb bag of russet type potatoes peeled and cut into chunks to fit in processor 2 or 3 onions depending on size –peeled and cut into chunks to fit in ...

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The Language Chef November 7, 2015 Blog, Israel, onion

Shalom Shallot!

Shallots – don’t you just love them using them in cooking?  When I use them, I feel so Julia Child/French/cultured 🙂   They are a milder onion flavor and are used ...

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The Language Chef October 25, 2015 Blog, Halloween

Favorite Halloween Candy – Butterfingers Rock!

My  favorite candy to receive from my trick-or-treating adventures was a Butterfinger 🙂   I loved the salty, crispy butter flavored chocolate crunch on a cold Halloween night ...

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The Language Chef October 20, 2015 Blog, Cakes, Latin, Spanish

Coocoo for Coconut

Coconut was one of those amazing discovers by the European explorers who found it all over south Asia.   In India, where they probably first found it, they heard the Tamil word, ...

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The Language Chef October 17, 2015 Blog, Cakes, German

Are you an Angel or Devil’s Food?

With Halloween approaching (my fav holiday:)), I wondered why is Devil’s food called Devil’s Food… oh and Angel’s food or Angel Food (I’ve seen ...

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The Language Chef October 6, 2015 Blog, Cakes, Frosting

Feel like Queen Victoria with Royal Icing

Royal Icing decorates cakes, cookies and other delectables.  It is the combination of confectioner’s sugar, egg whites and lemon juice – normally.  As you decorate ...

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The Language Chef October 4, 2015 Blog, Frosting

Frosting – for cakes or faces? I say both!

Today I write in praise of frosting. The word, in English, clearly refers to a light covering of snow as does ‘icing’. In French, Italian, Spanish you can see a ...

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The Language Chef October 3, 2015 Blog, Mexican

Churros, the Mexican cruller, is really Chinese?

Well sort of 🙂   Churros are fried, sweet dough extruded from a press and fried – then often served with hot chocolate  (definitely Mexican, the chocolate).   Now the ...

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The Language Chef October 1, 2015 Blog, Cocktails

Which first? Lamp or drink – The Hurricane

The Hurricane Lamp or Drink – which came first? Well the glass – designed to keep wind away from the kerosene flame. The shape had been around before kerosene to ...

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