The Language Chef September 2, 2015 Blog, Chinese Cusisine, Spice

Anise! and don’t giggle!

Star Anise is probably my favorite flavor in both savory and sweet.  I love Anisette cookies that my grandma made, and the fragrant, soy-sauced smell of anise-flavored red cooked ...

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The Language Chef August 19, 2015 Blog, Chinese Cusisine

Yang Joe Chow Fan

Yang Joe Chow Fan is not really written like that but how do you pronounce a ZH?  Mainland Chinese use Pin Yin and would have written it as ‘Yang Zhou Chao Fan’ or in ...

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The Language Chef August 10, 2015 Blog, Chinese Cusisine, Fish

Fish Fragrant?

The Chinese have a great dish called ‘Yu Xiang’ (yu hsiang) which literally means ‘Fish Fragrant’ 鱼香。  It’s originally from Szechuan and is ...

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The Language Chef July 21, 2015 Blog, Chinese Cusisine

The Search for General Tso, Tsao, Tsau, Co, Gao, Go…..

Last night I saw it! ‘The Search for General Tso’ – a quirky film on America’s obsession with General Tso’s Chicken. It was really interesting, well ...

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The Language Chef May 28, 2011 Blog, Chinese Cusisine

Soy Wars – Sauces, Pastes and Kentucky?

Soy Sauce – the Emperor of Asian condiments – has a history that spans nearly 3000 years.  It has been exported to nearly every corner of the Earth — even ...

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The Language Chef January 16, 2011 Blog, Chinese Cusisine

Please Sir, Can I Have Some More, Congee?

One of my favorite things to do on a cold winter’s day is go to Chinatown for a big bowl of rice porridge.  In New York City, we have several amazing places to get it. ...

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The Language Chef November 11, 2010 Blog, Chinese Cusisine

Chinese Noodle Soup in New York City

As a crisp Autumn chill falls over New York City, my mind wanders to one of my favorite food items. Chinese Noodle Soup. In the chillier months, there are few things as satisfying ...

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