Laura Strassman December 19, 2016 cookies, Dessert, Holidays, Uncategorized

Recipes- 12 Christmas Dessserts

A Christmas present for you from The Language Chef.   We have put together a booklet of 12 traditional christmas desserts, language origins, pronunciation, history and a recipe ...

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The Language Chef December 16, 2015 Dessert

Krusciki or Chruściki – Polish Bowtie Fritters or Angel Wings


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The Language Chef December 15, 2015 Dessert, Holidays

Krumkakes- our third dessert of christmas

Krumkake (Norwegian  , meaning bent cake, plural krumkaker- Krum in Norwegian means curved or crooked. Kake, is cake from the old norse kaka; hense curved cake. It’s a ...

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The Language Chef December 14, 2015 Cakes, Dessert, French, Holidays

Buche de Noel- the second of our 12 desserts of Christmas

The Bûche de Noël is an edible optical illusion.  It is made and decorated to look like a log from the forest – an actual Yule log.  And what is a Yule log you ask?  ...

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The Language Chef August 16, 2015 Blog, Dessert

My, are we eating European cookies???

Last night we had Pepperidge Farm cookies for dessert.  Milanos to be exact – and I thought who comes up with these names?   Apparently, they are cookies for adults hence ...

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The Language Chef August 9, 2015 Blog, Dessert, English Food

Banoffee or Banoffi?

I was going to write about cream pies in general but happened upon this pie.  I’ve never heard of it but it seems to be well-known in the UK.  Banoffee or Banoffi is a ...

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The Language Chef July 29, 2015 Blog, Dessert, Featured Words

Chantilly Lace.. oops I mean Chantilly Cream!

In French, whipped cream is fondly referred to as ‘Creme Chantilly” (pronounced ‘Chan Tee Ee) double L’s and a Y! The story goes that as Chantilly was a ...

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