The Language Chef August 22, 2015 Blog, Fish, Japanese

The Rose Bowl, the Orange Bowl – and my fav – the Sushi Bowl

You always hear about sushi and sashimi and California rolls, but my hands-down favorite Japanese fish experience is ‘Chirashi’.  I guess it must have been invented ...

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The Language Chef August 10, 2015 Blog, Chinese Cusisine, Fish

Fish Fragrant?

The Chinese have a great dish called ‘Yu Xiang’ (yu hsiang) which literally means ‘Fish Fragrant’ 鱼香。  It’s originally from Szechuan and is ...

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The Language Chef October 10, 2010 Blog, Fish, Uncategorized

French Fish

I was working on the site this morning and adding words to the French Fish section and realized that fish names are things that have escaped me when i’ve eaten at a French ...

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