Laura Strassman December 13, 2016 Cocktails, French, Holidays, Wine

Tiny Bubbles for a Big Celebration

As the holidays are nigh, my mind turns to Champagne. I adore it – and could probably drink it at every meal! Yes, once in France, a farmer I met who lived near Epernay told ...

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The Language Chef December 14, 2015 Cakes, Dessert, French, Holidays

Buche de Noel- the second of our 12 desserts of Christmas

The Bûche de Noël is an edible optical illusion.  It is made and decorated to look like a log from the forest – an actual Yule log.  And what is a Yule log you ask?  ...

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The Language Chef September 12, 2015 Featured Words, French, Wine

Word of the Day : Cépage

For some reason, this word has been dancing around in my head for days – maybe because it’s getting close to the wine harvest.   Cépage  means ‘grape ...

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The Language Chef August 28, 2015 Featured Words, French

Word of the Day – Pâte à Choux

Pâte à Choux pronounced ‘pat ah shoe’  is actually 3 words; 1. Pâte means ‘dough or paste’ the hat over the A means that in Latin there was an S after ...

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The Language Chef August 20, 2015 Blog, French

Tongue anyone? Heck – the French love it :)

So I got a funny story.   Once in France I went into a Butcher Shop.  I saw this sign on one of the items that translated as ‘language’ or ‘langue’ in ...

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The Language Chef August 3, 2015 Africa, Blog, French

Réunion – The island in the news lately

When I was in France, I had a friend who I worked with who was from Ile de la Réunion.  A very very tiny island “near” Madagascar’s eastern shore.  Lately ...

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The Language Chef August 2, 2015 Blog, French

Edible flowers? Mais oui!

With the abundance of fresh flowers now, some you can actually eat!  Violets come to mind as do roses and buttercups (do you like butter?).  In France, pastry chefs decorate ...

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The Language Chef July 25, 2015 Blog, French

I want to own a Bistro!

I really want to own a bistro someday, but first, where does that word come from. After all, I should know what I’m getting myself into. The most plausible explanation is ...

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