Laura Strassman December 19, 2016 cookies, Dessert, Holidays, Uncategorized

Recipes- 12 Christmas Dessserts

A Christmas present for you from The Language Chef.   We have put together a booklet of 12 traditional christmas desserts, language origins, pronunciation, history and a recipe ...

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Laura Strassman December 13, 2016 Cocktails, French, Holidays, Wine

Tiny Bubbles for a Big Celebration

As the holidays are nigh, my mind turns to Champagne. I adore it – and could probably drink it at every meal! Yes, once in France, a farmer I met who lived near Epernay told ...

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Robert Aiudi November 18, 2016 Holidays

Excuse our test post

trying out some new plug in- please ...

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The Language Chef December 15, 2015 Dessert, Holidays

Krumkakes- our third dessert of christmas

Krumkake (Norwegian  , meaning bent cake, plural krumkaker- Krum in Norwegian means curved or crooked. Kake, is cake from the old norse kaka; hense curved cake. It’s a ...

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The Language Chef December 14, 2015 Cakes, Dessert, French, Holidays

Buche de Noel- the second of our 12 desserts of Christmas

The Bûche de Noël is an edible optical illusion.  It is made and decorated to look like a log from the forest – an actual Yule log.  And what is a Yule log you ask?  ...

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The Language Chef February 19, 2012 Blog, Holidays

Holiday Season with Co-workers, Clients both friend and foe

With so many parties, get-togethers, lunches and dinners with co-workers, clients, the Holiday season can feel like a small onslaught of wines, rich foods and sweets.  The last ...

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The Language Chef December 16, 2010 Blog, Holidays

Christmas Pudding – Why is it called Pudding?

Recently I was in Connecticut (where I was born) and a friend of mine was reminiscing about how her aunt and mom would make Christmas Pudding.  The Christmas Pudding she was ...

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The Language Chef November 29, 2010 Blog, Holidays

Hanukkah’s Potato Pancakes are also Korean?

First of all, Happy Hanukkah!   Oh wait, or is it Channukah, or wait maybe it’s Hannukkah?    I truly stumble every Hanukkah when I try to spell it in e-mails, ...

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The Language Chef November 22, 2010 Blog, Holidays

Turkey: Same Bird Different Name

Turkey: Same Bird Different Name by robert aiudi on 11/22/10   Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.   Since it’s the first Thanksgiving as the Language Chef, I decided to ...

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