Robert Aiudi March 20, 2019 Blog, Italian

Strega Restaurant: A guy from Sannio and a guy from Nola in Branford to chase the American dream in the kitchen

Translation in English at the bottom!!! Strega Restaurant: un sannita ed un nolano a Branford per inseguire, in cucina, il sogno americano Di : Sergio Sbarra | 0 ...

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Laura Strassman December 1, 2016 cookies, Food, Italian

Pizzelle- lots of little pizzas

Ever since I was a kid an aunt, a grandmother or a distant relative made a mound of pizzelle.  The round, flat sweet Christmas cookie reminiscent of the communion host used in ...

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Laura Strassman August 6, 2016 Italian, News, Wine

How do you say “Chianti” ? We have an app for that!

“SayWine” app now available in the App store Impress your boss, date or colleagues with your mastery of the wine list. The Language Chef LLC, announces the availability of ...

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The Language Chef October 21, 2015 Bread, cereal, Italian

Semolina!!! Is that a girl’s name?

Yesterday I bought a loaf of Semolina bread – OMG! amazing –   it’s more chewy and sweeter than plain ol’white flour bread.  But I asked my self – ...

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The Language Chef September 10, 2015 cookies, Italian

Holiday cookies – it’s never too early :) Pizzelle

It’s never too early to think about Holiday cookies and this one is a Christmas must in my family. My grandma was from Abruzzo and Pizzelle were originally made there.   ...

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The Language Chef September 3, 2015 Blog, Italian

Fennel is gay in Italian?

Last night we were talking about gardens and next year I said I’m going to grow fennel!  I love its liquorice flavor. Our word fennel comes from Old English by way of the ...

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The Language Chef August 28, 2015 Blog, Italian

Polenta Pots are hot!

So you think you can make polenta in some Creuset fancy pancy pot?  WRONG! Well you can but according to my Grandfather, it just ain’t Polenta unless you make it in a ...

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The Language Chef August 3, 2015 Blog, Cheese, Italian

Making Mozzarella

I found this video which really shows how mozzarella is made.  It’s home-made in this vid, but it shows why the cheese is called ‘mozzarella’ which comes from ...

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The Language Chef July 30, 2015 Blog, Bread, Italian

Piadina – the Italian Roll-up!

Piadina  is basically an Italian rollup with an amazing flatbread stuffed with whatever you want.  Prosciutto and Mozzarella or Eggplant with red peppers are two of my favorite. ...

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The Language Chef July 23, 2015 Blog, Italian

pasta fazool

Pasta e Fagioli Pasta Fazzool?  This pasta and bean soup in standard Italian is ‘pasta e fagioli’ (fah joh lee). So why do some Italians say fazool? Blame the ...

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