The Language Chef October 3, 2015 Blog, Mexican

Churros, the Mexican cruller, is really Chinese?

Well sort of 🙂   Churros are fried, sweet dough extruded from a press and fried – then often served with hot chocolate  (definitely Mexican, the chocolate).   Now the ...

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The Language Chef September 21, 2015 Featured Words, Mexican

Word of the Day – Chili

With cooler weather coming – I was thinking of Chili and found something sort of surprising.  It’s not that old.  The word comes from the Aztec word ...

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The Language Chef August 7, 2015 Blog, Mexican, Spanish

Guacamole revisited

So last night in Boston, rather than a lobster or some chowder we ate at Rosa Mexicano.. It was delish!!   They have this fancy guacamole cart that comes to your table and makes ...

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