The Language Chef October 20, 2015 Blog, Cakes, Latin, Spanish

Coocoo for Coconut

Coconut was one of those amazing discovers by the European explorers who found it all over south Asia.   In India, where they probably first found it, they heard the Tamil word, ...

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The Language Chef September 16, 2015 Blog, Spain, Spanish, Wine

Rio HA! Rioja!

Last night we had a great bottle of Rioja.  Rioja wines are one of the oldest, officially recognized wines – in the year 1130, the King of Navarre gave his blessing to this ...

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The Language Chef August 7, 2015 Blog, Mexican, Spanish

Guacamole revisited

So last night in Boston, rather than a lobster or some chowder we ate at Rosa Mexicano.. It was delish!!   They have this fancy guacamole cart that comes to your table and makes ...

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