The Language Chef September 5, 2015 Blog, Vegetables

What the heck is a Cob?

Corn on the cob, hmmm…. corn on the cob – we say it all the time (we ate some last night – first party in my new digs), and I thought,  WHAT’S A COB? Well ...

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The Language Chef August 27, 2015 Blog, Vegetables

You simply MUST eat your Sponge!

Tonight had Chinese food and my friend from Taiwan wanted to eat – Luffa!  yes!  just like the sponge!  Luffa or Loofah is an Egyptian Arabic word that describes a ...

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The Language Chef August 11, 2015 Blog, Vegetables

Quash Squash Quash Squash

I’m such a word nerd, and find it funny/cool that the word ‘squash’ as in the veggie, and ‘squash’ as in ‘crushing something’ have ...

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