Laura Strassman December 13, 2016 Cocktails, French, Holidays, Wine

Tiny Bubbles for a Big Celebration

As the holidays are nigh, my mind turns to Champagne. I adore it – and could probably drink it at every meal! Yes, once in France, a farmer I met who lived near Epernay told ...

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Laura Strassman September 2, 2016 News, Wine

New App Makes Wine More Welcoming

From the New Haven Independent by LUCY GELLMAN | Aug 31, 2016 3:03 pm A new wine pronunciation app out this month didn’t start anywhere close to a computer. Its local developer, ...

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Laura Strassman August 6, 2016 Italian, News, Wine

How do you say “Chianti” ? We have an app for that!

“SayWine” app now available in the App store Impress your boss, date or colleagues with your mastery of the wine list. The Language Chef LLC, announces the availability of ...

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The Language Chef September 16, 2015 Blog, Spain, Spanish, Wine

Rio HA! Rioja!

Last night we had a great bottle of Rioja.  Rioja wines are one of the oldest, officially recognized wines – in the year 1130, the King of Navarre gave his blessing to this ...

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The Language Chef September 12, 2015 Featured Words, French, Wine

Word of the Day : Cépage

For some reason, this word has been dancing around in my head for days – maybe because it’s getting close to the wine harvest.   Cépage  means ‘grape ...

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The Language Chef November 7, 2011 Blog, Business, Business Lunch Mondays, Pronunciation, Wine

Business Lunch Mondays! Tips from The Language Chef

You know these moments, your boss says, “Come on kiddo, we’re meeting Mr. Fancy Schmancy client at Chez Foo Foo!” And you think, OH NO not again. She’s ...

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The Language Chef November 4, 2011 Blog, Wine

Date Tips: Choosing a good wine with ease!

Let’s start with the real basics about types of wines.  The following list is a basic list of some of the more popular wines you can order: W  1.  Whites:  The ...

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The Language Chef October 11, 2010 Italian, Pronunciation, Wine

Three Saggy or Three Saggi

I was sitting in a NYC bar recently.  A great Italian wine bar and as I was sipping my favorite pinot grigio, a waiter came up to the bar and asked for three glasses of the ...

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