September 10, 2015 cookies, Italian

Holiday cookies – it’s never too early :) Pizzelle

It’s never too early to think about Holiday cookies and this one is a Christmas must in my family. My grandma was from Abruzzo and Pizzelle were originally made there.   You need to buy a pizzelle iron or like my grandma had one that you put over the flame on a gas stove!

They are flat, spizzelleugar cookies with origins dating back to Roman times.  The word means ‘small, little round thing’ and as with many Italian words is called something different in other regions.  In Lazio (Rome) they’re known as Ferratelle, ferre mean iron referring to the iron you need to make them. In Molise they are called cancelle.  You can dip them in chocolate, you can make pizzelle ice cream sandwiches – but the ones I remember had a slight anise or vanilla flavor and are sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar!



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