August 6, 2016 Italian, News, Wine

How do you say “Chianti” ? We have an app for that!

“SayWine” app now available in the App store

Impress your boss, date or colleagues with your mastery of the wine list.

The Language Chef LLC, announces the availability of their new wine pronunciation app- “SayWine”.  This application will revolutionize the experience of ordering wine – whether in a restaurant, at your favorite wine shop, or travelling in the great wine capitals of the world.  No longer do you have to point at the menu and mumble.  No snickering from your colleagues when you order for the table. No restricting yourself to ordering “red or white” at that little trattoria in Tuscany. 

Food industry professionals can brush up on their restaurant’s wine list and feel confident and helpful to their customers- helpful enough and it could increase tips. This is what Rachel Z, a waitress in NYC, had to say after using the wine app. “The SayWine app has really helped me and my colleagues feel more confident; confident about saying the name of a wine on my list. I can sell more wine because I sound like I know what I’m talking about – and I do”

 SayWine teaches correct pronunciation for wines. Essentially an index with the information about pronunciation in text form and 2 audio files; a native speaker of the language and American speaker.  This is really important.  Often native speakers say a word too fast – and you think – wow that’s impossible to say. SayWine is different, you can listen to a native speaker say the name and an American say the name which more easily lets you learn the pronunciation.

“being able to hear the name of a foreign wine spoken in your own accent is helpful so you can say it with confidence and ease’, said Robert Aiudi, Founder, The Language Chef.  “You don’t have to sound like a native speaker to pronounce the name of a wine correctly.”

There is also a map to locate the region the wine is from, a general pronunciation guide and a set of useful phrases- all with audio pronunciations.

SayWine will be useful to travelers, wine enthusiasts, students of wine and more” said Laura Strassman, CMO, The Language Chef.

Available now for free is wines of Tuscany. The app is available for the iphone at the apple store. More regions of Italy will be available soon; and French wines will follow.


Check out SayWine at the apple store


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