Chapter 1

Watch the conversation between Chiara and Vittorio, then click through the rest of the videos to see them speak their words directly into the camera.

In addition, written materials are provided for your reference. In the vocabulary tab, you can see the vocabulary used in the video; in the grammar tab, you are introduced to basic Italian grammar.

Watching and listening to different people say the words and carry on a conversation lets your brain process the language on several levels.


Salve - Hi, hey there!
Come stai? – How are you? (informal)
e- and
fame – hungry In Italian, you will notice that you “have” hungry rather than “are hungry” as in English.
allora – so, then
mangiare – to eat



Avere- To have
Io ho – I have
noi abbiamo – we have
tu hai – you have
voi avete – you have
lui ha – he has
lei ha– she has
Lei ha – you have
loro hanno they have

to eat
Io mangio – I eat
noi mangiamo – we eat
tu mangi – you eat
voi mangiate – you eat
lui mangia – he eats
lei mangia – she eats
Lei mangia – you eat
loro mangiano – they eat

Vittorio- Salve Chiara!

Vittorio – Hi Chiara!

Chiara – Buongiorno, Vittorio!

Chiara- Hi (Good day) Vittorio!

Vittorio-  Come stai?

Robert – How are you?

Chiara – Bene e tu?

Chiara- Well and you?

Vittorio – Io ho fame!

Vittorio – I’m hungry!

Chiara – Allora mangiamo!

Chiara – So, let’s eat!

Vittorio – Andiamo in cucina

Vittorio – Let’s go in the kitchen!


io – I
noi – we
tu – you, informal
voi – you, plural
lui – he
lei – she
Lei – You, formal
loro – they