October 21, 2015 Bread, cereal, Italian

Semolina!!! Is that a girl’s name?

Yesterday I bought a loaf of Semolina bread – OMG! amazing –   it’s more chewy and sweeter than plain ol’white flour bread.  But I asked my self – what the heck is semonlina?   semonlinaWell the word comes from Italian/Latin and means ‘bran’ and can be traced back to Proto-IndoEuropean – that means it’s an OLD OLD word. Whnich makes sense, humans have been eating wheat for a bazillion years.

So semonlina is the middlings, or coarser parts of the wheat germ – hence tougher – hence chewier. It’s also what cous-cous is  @katespritz LOL

Next time you make pasta, put 1/2 semolina flour and 1/2 all purpose – it makes for a heartier pasta experience 🙂  PS. it’s not a girl’s name at all


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