Laura StrassmanDecember 1, 2016cookies, Food, Italian

Pizzelle- lots of little pizzas

Ever since I was a kid an aunt, a grandmother or a distant relative made a mound of pizzelle.  The round, flat sweet Christmas cookie reminiscent of the communion host used in the Catholic Mass. Unbeknownst to me, pizzelle are from the region of the aforementioned relatives. My grandmother is from Cugnoli, Abruzzo near the town credited as […]

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The Language ChefNovember 7, 2011Blog, Business, Business Lunch Mondays, Pronunciation, Wine

Business Lunch Mondays! Tips from The Language Chef

You know these moments, your boss says, “Come on kiddo, we’re meeting Mr. Fancy Schmancy client at Chez Foo Foo!” And you think, OH NO not again. She’s going to make me choose the wine!  Well this time, you’ll be prepared to go in with confidence and come out looking like a pro! 1.       Remember you know more […]

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