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Robert AiudiMarch 20, 2019Blog, Italian

Strega Restaurant: A guy from Sannio and a guy from Nola in Branford to chase the American dream in the kitchen

Translation in English at the bottom!!! Strega Restaurant: un sannita ed un nolano a Branford per inseguire, in cucina, il sogno americano Di : Sergio Sbarra | 0 Comments | On : 04/03/2019 | Categorie: : AgriCultura, Buonissimo, News, Pizzerie, Recensioni, Ristoranti, Rubriche Aggiungi ai preferiti BRANFORD -Da Nola (NA) a Branford in Connecticut per inseguire il sogno americano… ossia il sogno della cucina italiana leader nel mondo. Quella […]

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Laura StrassmanDecember 19, 2016cookies, Dessert, Holidays, Uncategorized

Recipes- 12 Christmas Dessserts

A Christmas present for you from The Language Chef.   We have put together a booklet of 12 traditional christmas desserts, language origins, pronunciation, history and a recipe for each. Click Here to get yours: 12- Christmas Desserts Today’s Dessert is:  Lebkuchen– German spice cookie Although the origins of the word Lebkuchen itself remain unclear, it is […]

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Laura StrassmanDecember 13, 2016Cocktails, French, Holidays, Wine

Tiny Bubbles for a Big Celebration

As the holidays are nigh, my mind turns to Champagne. I adore it – and could probably drink it at every meal! Yes, once in France, a farmer I met who lived near Epernay told me that he had a glass every morning with his toast and coffee!   Champagne is one of the Gods […]

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Laura StrassmanDecember 1, 2016cookies, Food, Italian

Pizzelle- lots of little pizzas

Ever since I was a kid an aunt, a grandmother or a distant relative made a mound of pizzelle.  The round, flat sweet Christmas cookie reminiscent of the communion host used in the Catholic Mass. Unbeknownst to me, pizzelle are from the region of the aforementioned relatives. My grandmother is from Cugnoli, Abruzzo near the town credited as […]

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Robert AiudiNovember 18, 2016Holidays

Excuse our test post

trying out some new plug in- please excuse

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Laura StrassmanSeptember 2, 2016News, Wine

New App Makes Wine More Welcoming

From the New Haven Independent by LUCY GELLMAN | Aug 31, 2016 3:03 pm A new wine pronunciation app out this month didn’t start anywhere close to a computer. Its local developer, self-described “language junkie” Robert Aiudi, was three-fourths of the way into a glass of red wine at a bar, and had just encountered […]

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Laura StrassmanAugust 6, 2016Italian, News, Wine

How do you say “Chianti” ? We have an app for that!

“SayWine” app now available in the App store Impress your boss, date or colleagues with your mastery of the wine list. The Language Chef LLC, announces the availability of their new wine pronunciation app- “SayWine”.  This application will revolutionize the experience of ordering wine – whether in a restaurant, at your favorite wine shop, or […]

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The Language ChefJune 22, 2016Learning

Remember those flash cards?

People often ask me ‘how did you learn so many languages?” and I say ‘well I studied them’.  It sounds glib but what I mean is that I actively tried to  learn them. Learning languages can seem hard and tedious, but I have used several tricks to make the process fun and nearly effortless.  I’ll […]

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The Language ChefJune 22, 2016Learning

Don’t Whine, Wine!

Have you ever heard anyone say this: …..‘When I was in France last year for two weeks, my high school French  came back with a vengeance and I was talking like Maurice Chevalier (or Amélie )!” – especially after a few glasses of the best Bordeaux I ever tasted!! … I’ve heard this so often, […]

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The Language ChefJune 4, 2016Learning

Learning is Child’s Play

It has been said that after the age of 7, you can’t really learn a second language.  I say, Poppycock! Children are like little sponges- well after the age of 7- they soak up everything around them. They speak with Mom in French and Dad in Mandarin easily navigating between two seemingly disparate languages – […]

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The Language ChefDecember 16, 2015Dessert

Krusciki or Chruściki – Polish Bowtie Fritters or Angel Wings

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The Language ChefDecember 15, 2015Dessert, Holidays

Krumkakes- our third dessert of christmas

Krumkake (Norwegian  [ˈkrʉmˌkɑːkə], meaning bent cake, plural krumkaker- Krum in Norwegian means curved or crooked. Kake, is cake from the old norse kaka; hense curved cake. It’s a waffle cookie made of flour, butter, eggs, sugar, and cream. Like Italian pizzelle, a special decorative two-sided iron griddle, similar to a waffle iron, is traditionally used to bake the thin round cakes Learn more, get the recipe […]

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